Research & Development


Advancing the Science of Witch Hazel

All Witch Hazel extracts are not created equal… At American Distilling, we are the global leader in Witch Hazel research and manufacturing. We are unsurpassed in scale, quality, research and understanding of Witch Hazel products. Our organization has the talent and capabilities to help give new insight into our products and their productivity – supplying the highest quality, cutting edge natural Witch Hazel ingredients to the most prestigious pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in the world.

Our unparalleled staff of on-site experts have in-depth knowledge of botanical extraction and applications science offering our customers the most effective ingredients that nature can provide and the technical expertise to help bring their ideas to market.

Further, our on-site laboratories are equipped with advanced analytical instrumentation to provide on demand flexibility, efficiency and product quality that is second to none.

In recent years there has been growing popularity in incorporating natural extracts with proven benefits into formulations. Every day we advance the science of Witch Hazel through ongoing clinical testing, compositional analysis and efficacy testing. Through this research we continually offer more value to our customers by enabling them to expand the claims that they are able to make. Through these studies we have shown that our natural Witch Hazel extracts are virtually the ideal multi-benefit astringents offering a one stop shop for cleansing, toning and irritation reduction all from nature!

World-Class Customer Service

American Distilling has partnered with the world’s most successful and recognized companies, to deliver the highest quality Witch Hazel ingredients whenever, wherever – exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations,