Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Distillates


The Power of the Witch Hazel Plant Without Alcohol


Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Distillates (or Witch Hazel extracts) are clear, colorless botanical extracts prepared from the recently cut and partially dried, dormant twigs of the Hamamelis virginiana Linné plant. These distillates offer a variety of benefits for skin and personal care applications in both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Alcohol Free Distillates are particularly advantageous for applications that require the soothing natural astringent properties of Witch Hazel, but where the use of alcohol is not appropriate or desirable.

Such formulations may include those with constraints in:

  • Processing parameters – high surfactant, multi-phase, or high temperature products
  • Products performance – foaming products, body washes, mousses, creams
  • Marketing claims – alcohol free, “sting-free,” and sensitive skin formulations

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The most popular uses are for products where irritation or skin feel is of primary concern. Many customers specify distillates for treatment products such as anti-irritant products for sun care, wound care, children’s “sting free” products and other products where skin sensitization is an issue.

  • Sensitive Skin Formulations – Eye Creams / Gels / Serums, Shaving Creams

  • Alcohol Free Formulations – Toners, Cleansers

  • Treatment Products – Wound Care, Sun care, Eye care

Available with various preservatives and preservative systems including:

  • Germaben II

  • Phenoxyethanol

  • Methylparaben

  • Benzoic Acid (Synthetic)

Skin Care Benefits

  • Removes excess oil (sebum)
  • Controls oil production
  • Reduces skin blemishes
  • Cleanses and conditions skin

  • Tones and tightens pores
  • Soothes irritation

Personal Care Benefits

  • Natural and effective cleansing ingredient

  • Soothes, refreshes and cools

  • Calms irritation and discomfort

  • Non-drying ingredient that is perfect for sensitive skin/areas

Recommended Levels

  • Cosmetic: Greater than 10%

  • Personal Care: 50% – 100%

Product Details

  • INCI: Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water

  • Extraction Method: Proprietary Distillation Process

  • Shelf Life: >3 Years
  • Country of Origin: USA

  • REACH Status: Exempt

Standard Packaging

  • Gallon, 5 Gallon (pail), 55 Gallon (drum), and 275 Gallon (tote)

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