Manufacturing Process & Capabilities


Raw Materials Storage

Each component that enters our product production stream is quarantined, inspected and tested upon its arrival to our facility. This includes all Witch Hazel pulp material, ingredients and storage containers.

After approval and entry into the production stream, raw materials such our Witch Hazel pulp enter a closed system that both stores and processes each ingredient. We maintain the largest supply of Witch Hazel raw material in the world, housed indoor in high capacity food-grade silos. This technique maintains the condition of the pulp by partially drying the twigs prior to distillation.

Proprietary Distillation Processes


Where Science Complements Nature

American Distilling has set new standards by producing a pure, all natural distillate containing no chemical additives or added denatured alcohols. Our proprietary, computer controlled extraction and processing equipment is fully automated and ensures consistent product of the highest quality.

Triple Filtration

American Distilling Witch Hazel Extracts are circulated through our preliminary filtration process and are analyzed for clarity, color, odor, pH, alcohol percentage and microbial contamination. They are then circulated through a secondary filtration process where product integrity and safety is tested once more. The finished Witch Hazel product is passed through a final filtration process as it is transferred to its shipping container be it drum, tote or bulk tanker.


High Capacity Bulk Storage

Our manufacturing and storage infrastructure is the backbone of the world supply for Distilled Witch Hazel ingredient products. We realize that in today’s world, we need to be able to supply our customers with the highest quality product in the most efficient manner every day.

As such, we maintain and manage the largest and most sophisticated, efficient production process and storage of Witch Hazel ingredients in the world – giving us the ability to supply cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients for specific applications anytime, anywhere, on demand. Whether your needs require 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes or 5,800 gallon tankers we have the scale and capacity our customers rely on.

Environmental Practices

Responsible Manufacturing = No Waste

At American Distilling, we continually seek to raise the bar for environmental responsibility and have designed our facility and operations to safeguard both our employees and the planet.

American Distilling earth-friendly practices include

  • Proprietary Organic System Plan

  • Heat reclamation – providing 95% of the facility’s heat and hot water requirements
  • Pulp recycling – providing natural landscaping mulch
  • Consumables recycling
  • Electricity from renewable resources

  • Energy conservation – lighting, insulation

  • Cruelty free production – no animal ingredients or testing

  • BSE/TSE free

  • Non-GMO

  • Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Gluten and Soy Free

  • Allergen Free

  • Made in the USA

Quality Control

Our comprehensive cGMP program ensures ongoing quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process, allowing us to be recognized as a certified vendor to several of the world’s most distinguished companies.

Quality Control in Every Drop

  • Wet lab facility

  • Microbiology lab facility

  • Analytical lab facility – GC-MS, HPLC, FTIR technology

  • Incoming raw materials testing (pulp/bark, leaves, water, alcohol, bottles, drums, totes, tankers, preservatives)

  • In-process testing

  • Finished goods testing

  • Stability testing

  • Challenge testing

  • Clinical studies

  • Process consistency

  • pH, alcohol, microbiological and bioburden testing

  • cGMP, cGLP, cGDP practices

World-Class Customer Service

American Distilling has partnered with the world’s most successful and recognized companies, to deliver the highest quality Witch Hazel ingredients whenever, wherever – exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations,